• drawing up notarial deeds,

  • drawing up deeds of certification of inheritance,

  • drawing up certificates,

  • delivering statements,

  • taking minutes,

  • issuing certificates of protests against bills of exchange and cheques,

  • storing documents, money and securities,

  • drawing up extracts and copies of documents,

  • drawing up, upon the request of parties, drafts of deeds, declarations and other documents,

  • performing other acts resulting from other provisions,

A notary draws up a notarial deed if it is required by law or upon a request of parties. A notary shall refuse performing a notarial act which is in contradiction to law. A notary must not execute a notarial act if they have doubts regarding the legal capacity of a party to enter a notarial act (mental disease, mental retardation, senile dementia, alcoholic intoxication, psychotropic daze).

Further information can be found in the Act on Notarial Law.

As regards rendering services to foreign parties the office cooperates with sworn translators of congress and European languages.

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